Saturday, 31 August 2013

Nikolai Alexeyev: Oh Those Russians (Cont.)

Is Nikolai Alexeyev The Russian LGBT Community’s Greatest Asset, Biggest Liability — Or Both? Max Seddon on BuzzFeed on NA's rather odd recent Twitter outbursts.
The URL reads "Is-Nikolai-Alexeyev-the-Russian-LGBT-comunitys-greatest-ass".
It's certainly something to think about.
Niko speaks such sense about Western hypocrisy, hysteria and hegemony, but then he goes and spoils it all by saying something nutski!
But then his own Twitter handle describes him as; "unstable crazy mad controversial rich hard"
Though I can well understand if this sorry episode has made him crack up.
Don't follow leaders, watch the parking meters etc etc...
Update: Nikolai says he'll be making a big announcement about the propaganda law on his Facebook page on Monday.
I presume he'll be confirming he's organising a Sochi Pride, and has evidence that the new law will not be enforced.

Update2: NA appears to have gone into a full-blown Bobby Fischer anti-semitic meltdown on Twitter.
Awful, disgusting, sad.
(Though Zionist twat Michael Lucas's latest racist outbursts get printed in your leading US gay magazines with nary a word, of course!)
Maybe this is what happens when one man starts to believe that one country's gay movement is himself?
See also...

And finally... Post-latest crack-up interview with Niko here.

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