Thursday, 29 August 2013

Paradise Factory: Paradise Lost

I tend to think of my youth as being of the misspent variety, having danced most of it awayin the nightclubs of Manchester's gay village. But looking back through a box of old photographs last week, I came across a folder of my very first newspaper cuttings and was reminded that I owe my career to the city's gay club scene...

By the mid-90s Manchester had gone from being Gunchester or Madchester to Gaychester, and so many straights were trying to get into Paradise that door staff would quiz unfamiliar faces claiming to be gay about the magazines they read. If they couldn't name a gay or lesbian title, they didn't get in...

Nice but rather gushing retro "I love the gays, me" piece on Manchester's Paradise Factory by Decca Aitkenhead in The Guardian.
Though she launches a bourgeois defence of it; "But in Paradise on Saturday night there were barristers, millionaire businessmen, TV executives, teachers and doctors."
Oh, and Paradise wasn't that good, by the way.
Spent most of my time.there waiting on the stairs trying to buy drugs to stave off the boredom.

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