Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Russia: Hardly Art

A picture of Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev in women's underwear has been confiscated from an art gallery in St Petersburg ahead of the G20 summit.

Russian officials seized the satirical painting, which shows the Russian President lovingly combing the Prime Minister's hair, on Tuesday, ahead of a meeting of world leaders in the city next week.
They also confiscated paintings poking fun at politicians Vitaly Milonov and Yelena Mizulina, who pioneered Russia’s anti-gay laws, as well as one of Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill showing him with prison skull tattoos. The church leader recently declared that equal marriage was a symptom of the apocalypse.

Officials said the pictures “violated existing legislation,” but no more specifics were given and according to reports the gallery's owner, Alexander Donskoy, said he had seen no formal warrant for the removal of the paintings....

The Independent.

Fagburn can not verify this story, but it's about Russia, so meh!

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