Monday, 12 August 2013

Russia: Putin Speaks

"I've wound up some silly queens in England."

• Some predictable balls in The Independent by leading poshgay Philip Hensher; "Apartheid, Hitler blah blah wibble!"
They've also got one of their boring polls. Whoop!

Naturally the Telegraph also supports a boycott, as "The Russian state encourages hatred of gay people" - a bit like the Telegraph, then.

The Daily Mail has now run at least four (4) articles against an Olympics boycott - here's your actual Gay Uncle Tom, Andrew Pierce.
This may - just possibly - have something to do with Stephen Fry being hated by the Daily Mail.

Here's quite a funny demolition of Fry's nonsense by Adrian Hilton - of course Fry has compared him to someone who appeased Hitler.
Godwin's Law returns to eat its own vomit.

The Observer runs an in-no-way hysterical article asking if the evil Russians will steal gay people's babies (Err... in a word, no).

GScene reports on a press release from Queer Nation - a group that no longer exists except in one gay man's delusional brain.

Gay Star News writes about the protest outside the Russian embassy that I understand no-one from GSN bothered to attend. Uh-huh...

Stupidity reaches new heights as 350,000 click on another completely pointless online petition. (Ever wondered why these crooks need your email address?)

Some people in Israel protest human rights abuses in another country - no hypocrisy there!

America - The Beautiful...

Maybe this has got so stupid all you can do is take the piss out of it?

Oh fuck it, I'm so bored with this hysterical apolitical crap - so here's a picture of Justin Bieber's bumbum.

Remember: Russia is the only country that treats gay people badly, and that violates human rights. Apart from those other countries Oceania doesn't like at the moment.

And finally, here's Scott Long writing eloquently as usual on The Truth Behind The Gay Torture Images From Russia.

PS Most hilarious and meaningless Russian boycott of the day... The American Kennel Club! Take that Putin!


  1. Like all sensible and true-hearted people I plan to do nothing at all about the new Russian legislation. What's the problem with it anyway?