Saturday, 31 August 2013

Russia: Today's Balls

Cause big businesses are moral agents and they're the only people who can save us, yes?
Do you seriously think there's any point in asking the bastards behind McDonald's and the corporate killers at ATOS to play nice?
What causes more misery in the world - McDonald's and ATOS or some silly law that threatens to fine people £100 (5,000 roubles) for "distributing information among minors... promoting non-traditional lifestyles"?
What's pouring Coca-Cola down the drain going to change, and why is this pointless gesture getting so much coverage?
While your own country gets ready to bomb the fuck out of Syria - how's that for a human rights violation?
And this is all you will protest about during a summit of the G20 world's richest countries?
My friends, the "gay movement" is now officially fucked to buggery by this apolitical delusional crap.
This outbreak of mass hysteria - surely the most embarrassing since Princess Diana died - just makes me despair for our future.


  1. You are wrong. If this took off this would have an effect. Of course Coke etc dont care - but they DO care about bad publicity. Your depressing attacks fit in with everyone's general apathy that makes us all just sit back and despair and do nothing. JUST WHAT THEY WANT. LET'S JUST RANT INTO THE ETHER, IT MAKES US FEEL BETTER TO CRITICISE ANYONE TRYING TO DO ANYTHING!

    1. Maybe silly stunts by westerners like this are - hits caps lock - JUST WHAT PUTIN WANTS!