Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Holy State: Heroes & Villains

The Independent On Sunday.

Heroes And Villains: Whistleblowers are vilified or intimidated while the wrongs and the wrongdoers that they expose go uninvestigated - Paul Valley.

Rot in jail you traitor - the Daily Star's thoughtful and balanced piece on Chelsea Manning.

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Notes on language: Interesting that most media call David Glenn's "partner". Though the hilarously stupid Gay Star News called David his "gay partner". Just in case you didn't know these two men who are partners are gay...

PS Slow news day? Let's just say Cheryl Cole getting her bum tattooed is The Sun's front page story...

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  1. Politicians are terrified of the Internet and modern technology, democracy means casting a useless and meaningless vote every few years and that's the way they want it to stay. As for The Sun, does anybody care anymore? Its' sales are plummetting faster than any other paper- The Sun is a broken-backed has-been , much like its' owner.