Sunday, 25 August 2013

Thought For The Day: Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks

“I have fully understood the fear that gays have of prejudice and persecution.
“I fully understood, and I mention this pretty much every year, that gays, not just Jews, were sent to the concentration camps, and I did not want to become a voice that would be caught up in a very polarised debate and be seen to be heartless towards the gays in our own community. I am not heartless towards them, I really seek to understand them and they seek to understand where I am coming from.”

Sacks was explaining why, even though he thinks gay marriage is against Talmudic principle (Whatever that is), he stayed relatively quiet on the issue, as opposed to other religious leaders like say - ooh, let's pluck a name from the ether here... Cardinal O'Brien, who kept shouting from his church rooftop how very, very wrong it all was, until that is we found out he secretly digs dudes and kept hitting on young priests.
In May Sacks told David Frost; “We have strongly defined sexual ethics in Judaism more than 3,000 years old. But I think religions should never seek to impose their view on society as a whole."
Which is fair enough, really.
Apart from that bit about taking something from the Iron Age as your moral compass.
Have to confess I have no idea what the chief has said about The Gays in the past - or indeed what he's said about anything, like Israel/Palestine and that - so apologies in advance if he thinks we'll all burn in the fires that consumed Sodom or something.

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