Friday, 23 August 2013

Tom Daley: Badly Drawn Boy

At last... our Tom's got her own comic book!

Yes, that's right, there's bum-all going on that's worth commenting on today, really.
But Fagburn's got some more smokin' hot shirtless pics of dishy Dave Cameron on the beach that we're just dying to share with you, plus our exclusive interview with the eminently sane Lauren Harries from CBB is, as they say, in the bag!
Plus we hear ITV have commissioned a second series of that Springtime for Hitler of sitcoms, Vicious!
Sometimes life's just too good, eh boys?
So we'll be right back quicker than you can say; "Let's bomb Russia!"


  1. I'm glad Vicious is back for a second series, which will come as a surprise to no one. :p
    Give it a chance, eh?
    Some sitcoms take a few series to really hit their stride and I really did enjoy the first series. A lot, actually.
    Stop shitting on something many find enjoyable, funny and - for me - even a comfort (ie. it used to cheer me up every week when I was at a low ebb). :p x

    I could do a better drawing of Tom than that abomination above. I probably couldn't do a whole comic though. :(

  2. You seem to feature Tom Daley quite a lot.

  3. Does Daleyman have a trusty sidekick called Richard in all his derring do?

    1. Yes, that's the name of his fluffer, oddly.