Sunday, 8 September 2013

Alexander McQueen: No-Holds-Barred!

The fashion world is bracing itself for the revelations in a no-holds-barred biography of the late designer Alexander McQueen.
The book, by his close friend Nick Townsend, is predicted to cause rifts within the industry as it will lift the lid on McQueen’s controversial private life and reveal details of a ‘physically abusive’ relationship he had with a leading figure in the London scene.
‘The relationship was very violent,’ says Nick, 45. ‘I was always patching up Alexander’s boyfriend. There were missing teeth, ripped clothes, and blood. It was serious...’

Mail On Sunday.

"Close friends" don't write "no-holds-barred" dirt-digging biographies about their deceased "friends" - and only a gay sewer rat would talk to the Mail about it.
Good day, sir!

The small print in the article points out the book has not been written, nor does Townsend have a publisher!

PS The MoS is also serialising Derek Jacobi's autobiography. Oddly they've chosen some rather boring bits.
Sir Derek also chooses his favourite albums in the Sunday Express; Barbra Streisand, Noel Coward, Timi Yuro...
As Kris Kirk famously remarked your music collection will always out you.

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