Saturday, 14 September 2013

Big Brother: The Official Fanzine

BIG Brother host Rylan Clark could be sacked over claims he has bedded the Jimmy Savile police officer who starred in the show.
The gay presenter, 25, has been romantically linked to ex-policeman Dan Neal, one of the main contestants of this summer's series.
BB bosses have a primary rule forbidding presenters and other staff from getting involved with housemates.
They are now investigating to see if Rylan, who won the last CBB series, has crossed the line dating Dan.
The pair are understood to have got together last month after Dan was evicted from the Big Brother house.
He went on Rylan’s late-night show Big Brother’s Bit On The Side for an interview. Others in the room said sparks flew and they flirted...

Daily Star - fascinating!

And in other news in today's Star...

RICHARD Desmond told yesterday of his vision to keep Channel 5 “punching above its weight” by investing in quality programmes He told TV industry leaders that Channel 5 would to continue to make intelligent, populist programmes, such as Big Brother but would not chase ratings by being “cruel and predictable”.


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