Sunday, 29 September 2013

Coalition: Marriage Wrecker

This story - Cracks In The Coalition Marriage - made the front page of The Sunday Telegraph today.
The start of a party conference is when broadsheets try and do some serious yacht-rocking, often with a serialisation of some "tell-all memoirs" - as with Damian McBride's in the Mail before Labour's last week.*
Happily for Dave in Telegraphland this has been overshadowed by his mortgage stunt, "foreign beggars", and the ghost of Margaret Thatcher.
They still must consider gaymarriage the most damning extract from In It Together; Matthew d'Ancona's "insider's story about the coalition", which "reveals furious rows between ministers threatened to tear it apart – and David Cameron’s support for gay marriage provoked such a backlash he wondered if it was worth the cost."
The Telegraph was the newspaper most virulently opposed to equal marriage, of course [See Fagburn passim ad nauseum].

'What they don’t want is to roll up to a church and find Derek and Clive having their wedding”: thus, in a conversation early in 2013, did the Prime Minister explain to his advisers the resistance of Tory party members to same-sex marriage.
The image of Dudley Moore getting married to Peter Cook – the original, awesomely profane Derek and Clive – was an arresting one, and not quite what Cameron had meant. His point was that Conservative activists were generally opposed to gay marriage only if it meant change in their places of worship.
A secular reform could be managed, he believed. As he would later admit to the same colleagues, he had radically underestimated the scale and depth of the hostility in his party to same-sex unions...

You can read the extract here - I have some things to do, but will collect my doubtless thrilling thoughts, and a bit later Fagburn may finally reveal my big conspiracy theory about how Cameron came to support gay marriage.
It's so exciting I guarantee your knob will drop off.**

[Edit: Now decided to save it for my tell-all memoirs -Dave's said it's all balls, by the way, but he would say that, wouldn't he?].

The cartoon above - drawing a somewhat tenuous link between same-sex unions and the European Union - is from the Telegraph in January - if you want to Google them there's a heck of a lot of cartoons portraying Cameron and Clegg as a gay couple.
HAHAHA! etc.
This one pleased the Coalition For Marriage so much, they put it on their website. 

* Fagburn feels the need to point out once again that McBride's publisher, Iain Dale, is a violent hooligan, who Sussex Police have left free to troll the streets.

** Offer only applies to men. Sorry.

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  1. Even Richard Littlejohn thinks Iain Dale getting let off by "Sussex Plod" is wrong -