Friday, 6 September 2013

Daily Mail: Question?

A college has been condemned for asking 16 and 17-year-old students whether they were gay or straight on registration forms.
The teenagers were asked to complete the paperwork and indicate whether they were bisexual, a gay man, a lesbian, a heterosexual, a transsexual or 'prefer not to say'.
The questions came on the same form they completed with innocent personal details such as their age, address and contact details.

Some students have been in tears and claim it is an invasion of their privacy.
They demanded to know why such a personal question is on the front of the form along with their names when the information could be provided anonymously...

Daily Mail.

Yes, dumb, silly, wrong-headed, shouldn't have happened this way, bit of a cock-up etc etc.
But surely so is any attempt by a public or private body to collect unnecessary personal data on people wrong.
Gentle attempts to monitor outreach to excluded groups however is not a bad thing in itself.
(The Mail's use of the term "innocent personal details" is telling here).
Why does the Daily Mail only get its St Margaret knickers in a twist when the questions relate to LGBTs, or other minority groups?
Because it's political correctness gone mentally-challenged?

And shame on Pink News for just lifting this story with the same spin as the Daily Mail; College students reduced to tears after being 'pressured' to disclose sexuality on enrolment forms.
No-one was 'pressured' as no-one had to answer it.
And where's the evidence anyone was "reduced to tears"?
The Mail had none.
Again, if the gay news media just reprints stories from right-wing tabloids without question or looking for anti-gay bias, then there is no point to the gay news media.

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