Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Good News: Only 22% Of Britons Still Hate You!

In 1987, 64% of people believed that same-sex relationships were “always wrong”. The figure is now 22%.

The Independent on the new UK Social Attitudes survey. 
Here's the bit on "homosexuality". - with breakdowns by generation, religion and party affilation.
Suffice to say, if you ever meet an elderly Tory-voting Catholic, run like hell!
Note the actual question asked, then and now, is what people thought of "sexual relations between adults of the same sex" - slightly different from "same-sex relationships"
This might partly explain, for example, why those answering "always wrong" peaked at 64% in 1987 - the height of the Aids crisis/panic.*
Also SAS surveys are still conducted face-to-face - Fagburn wonders if this might encourage some to say what they think is "the right thing"?

* Up from 50% in 1983, the first year recorded.

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  1. Sorry, the figure given for 1987 is "almost 2/3s" - blogger.com's playing up and I can't edit that post at the mo...