Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Grayson Perry: Talk Talk

Fagburn has gone to that London to see Grayson Perry giving his Reith Lecture.
He is very excited.
Good day.

A review: Oh, Grayson was wonderful.
He talked about art and democracy, "taste" and class (again), and his hatred of wealthy art collectors and wanky art critics.
I met him afterwards, and gave him a kiss and a cuddle.
Amazingly, he didn't call security.
You can hear Grayson talking - and me laughing and clapping and coughing - on BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday October 15th.

PS And here's a proper review/overview of the lecture by Deborah Orr in Saturday's Guardian. 
While the Telegraph praises "the sensible views" of the "transvestite potter", and his defence of the "middlebrow". 

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