Saturday, 28 September 2013

Marriage: Families Valued

The Daily Mail are so thrilled by this they've splashed it across the front page.
David Cameron has also written for the Mail on how "Marriage is good for Britain."

"In effect if you pay the basic rate of tax and your partner doesn't use all of their personal allowance, you'll be able to have some of it. Most couples who benefit will be £200 a year better off."

That's about £2 a week each - wow!
If nothing else will, being able to buy a packet of cornflakes sure should save your marriage.

Ultimate soothing classics.
"And this will be true if you're gay or straight - and in a civil partnership or a marriage. This summer I was proud to make equal marriage the law. Love is love, commitment is commitment."

And eggs is eggs, a duck's a duck and vacuous platitudes are vacuous platitudes.

Fagburn is reminded of the words of some crazed radical and sexual libertine...

"This desire of the Conservative party to hand-pick couples through the tax system who conform to to their image of how you should conduct your life, I don't think it's fair.
"And I certainly don't think it's fair on all those other people who are going to have to pay higher taxes to fund this proposal."

This was said by a certain Nick Clegg - Daily Telegraph, July 2013.
He also called this policy "patronising drivel".
Thankfully, Mr Clegg always stands up to Mr Cameron and never goes back on his word.

PS Chris Bryant MP also isn't keen in his column in today's Independent; "Let’s call it what it really is, the 'unmarried tax', and make sure it follows the pasty tax, the bedroom tax and the charity tax into history."
Mind you he would say that, he's A GAY - oh, and in a civil partnership...

And finally... lots of people are going for the boo-hoo-hoo *sad face* angle, mentioning those poor, lonely widows whose husbands have died.
But what about all the unloveable, unboyfriendable confirmed bachelors (like me)?


  1. Yes but those who campaigned for ssm now look a bit dull for disagreeing with this policy. Marriage is about commitment and love, right? 'Equal love' and all that, so, if marriage is so bloody good, then it should be rewarded?

    Just goes to show the illogic of some people. If marriage doesn't matter, why campaign for SSM? If it does matter, then reward it.

    All this is peeing about in the wind as far as I am concerned: marriage should just be abolished and the state should intervene in couple's lives only if they have an innocent third parties (i.e. children) who could be disadvantaged by their actions. How juvenile are we as a society that we accept the government's right to dictate /stick its nose in childless couples' lives'?

  2. The Tories just can't resist a tax bribe but ,as you say, it's only £2 a week and Clegg is a hypocrite as usual. There are plenty of marginal voter morons though.

  3. And what about slutty slappers like me!