Thursday, 12 September 2013

Melanie Phillips: Gutted!

Readers may be interested to know that my 12-year relationship with the Daily Mail is about to change. The Mail want to shake up their Monday op-ed page and so I shall shortly stop writing my regular Monday column for them. Instead, they want me to write other major pieces. They say they are very keen that I should continue to have a significant presence in the paper. 
That’s certainly an option, although I have other plans for writing – and now, also, publishing. I am gratefully aware, though, from the many thousands of people who have written to me in passionate agreement over the years, that I have a very large following indeed among Daily Mail readers. Many write to me to say I am the only reason they read the paper (it’s enough to turn a girl’s head!) Only today, I was stopped at a Tube station by a woman who said: ‘I love your articles; don’t ever stop writing them’. 
I can promise her, and all my many followers, that I shall indeed continue to write them. As for where – well, watch this space.

Melanie Phillips from her LOLtastic blog.

Fagburn is, needless to say, inconsolable with grief.
Verily Melanie, this is the end of an ear.
Do you think there's a left-wing muslim homosexual conspiracy behind this?
Don't be a stranger - your millions of barking and bigoted adoring fans demand it.

Update: According to a diary item in The Independent Paul Dacre decided to put her out to grass after a particularly loopy outburst on Question Time in June...

“Our interests lie in neutralising Iran” – and when the studio audience scoffed, she pointed at them with arm outstretched and exclaimed: “You laugh, you laugh! Neutralise Iran, and a British audience laughs! How trivial, how incredibly ignorant of you!”
My informant says: “People don’t think this is just Mel, they think it’s the Daily Mail: we can’t have people thinking the Daily Mail wants to nuke Iran.” Mel will keep writing: all she needs is an outlet that is less middle of the road.

Update2: Left Foot Forward round-up Mad Mel's greatest hits.

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