Friday, 13 September 2013

Richard Littlejohn: One Law For One Of Them...

On the day Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans was arrested mob-handed in the full glare of the TV cameras, I expressed some sympathy for him. Innocent until proven guilty and all that.
But I’m afraid that, like Quentin Letts, I found his self-pitying statement in the Commons both nauseating and an abuse of Parliamentary privilege. He should have stood down quietly to concentrate on his defence against gay rape charges, not turned the occasion into an undignified Oscars-style sobfest.
Dave Lee Travis wouldn’t have been given half an hour’s free airtime to plead his innocence and thank his friends for their support. So why should an MP in the same boat be any different?
And, as I also asked at the time, if Evans had been a heterosexual MP accused of rape and sexual assault against women, would he have received such an indulgent hearing?

Textbook nonsense from Richard Littlejohn in his Daily Mail column.

Here's Quentin Lett's piece - also from the Mail; He told of his hugs from MPs... you could almost hear the gypsy violin
One of 20 (negative) articles since Evans was first arrested in May.
Incidentally, when DLT asserted his innocence outside his house in November the Mail - somewhat indulgently - put up the video in full.

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