Friday, 20 September 2013

Russia: Another Country

Today gay America is mightily pissed over this video.
RUSSIA BOO HISS!!! etc etc.
Can you believe it!?
Nobody knows who made it - or if it was actually made by Russians, anyone could have thrown this old cobblers together on a laptop in half-an-hour. 
Although only an idiot would see one crappy little homemade video as being representative of an entire nation, it is offered up as further evidence that Russia today is exactly like Nazi Germany/Apartheid South Africa (delete as hysterical) - comparisons that are as morally obscene as they are ludicrous - and uniquely evil in how it treats gay people.
But its "arguments" - that homosexuals are carriers of disease, die early, want to rape your kids (that's why they want to adopt them), and are taking over the nation etc etc - are exactly the same sort of nonsense that American rightwing and/or Christians regularly come up with (eg the charming booklet below).
Indeed, many of its "facts" are lifted straight from this American Christian tract.
And it acknowledges a laughable "study" by anti-gay Catholic loonbag, Mark Regnerus, who claimed one in three kids adopted by gay men were sexually abused - again an American.
Perhaps then the video tells us as much about the sickness in the American body politic?
Just as how the new "gay propaganda" law so closely echoing Britain's Section 28 says much about our own moral low ground.
Can't happen here...

The video was "newly discovered" - and posted on YouTube (purely coincidentally!) - by the rightwing self-styled "liberal" gay blogger, John Aravosis, who runs AMERICAblog. - their touching patriotic slogan: 'A Great Nation Deserves Equality'.
Aravosis - "I got involved in gay politics 20 years ago in order to win the right to serve in the military, have a job, and get married..." - is the source for many of the scare stories about Russia's anti-gay "pogrom", along with Radio Liberty, Radio Free Europe, and Voice Of America - all are rightwing propaganda media funded by the American state.
They are usually obediently repeated, unquestioned, unchecked - for in the current climate anyone can get away with writing any old bollocks about Russia.
The credulity of so many people to these media reports is thoroughly depressing, but sadly - as a cursory look through this blog shows - this is endemic to our culture.
I wouldn't be surprised to read in the gay media soon that; 'PUTIN EATS GAY BABIES!', with the usual caveats; "allegedley", "reportedly" etc.
Aravosis is so angry about what's happening right now he's started a subsite, Gay Russia.- a veritable mine of disinformation.
(The only other hot topic he thinks deserves its own subsite is "Putin's puppet" Syria).
Note how the two other loudest voices shouting about the plight of LGBT Russians are the far-right Zionist porn mogul, Michael Lucas, and the equally politically dodgy HomoCon/NeoCon, Jamie Kirchick, who famously hijacked a live TV debate about Chelsea Manning to rant about Russia while wearing rainbow "suspenders".
(Dan Savage who instigated the Boycott Sochi campaign - against a vodka that's not actually Russian - is seen as a "progressive" - but his last major foray into international politics was the "lefty" and liberal-bashing, 'Say YES To War On Iraq').
Seems the gay right are still living out their Cold War wet dreams.
Anti-gay propaganda from America the beautiful
The latter act - or rather self-publicity stunt - by James Kirchick is surely the neo-imperial mindset defined - where someone literally ignores the great crimes being committed by their own country, and fumes about those of its power rivals.
As is the tendency by westerners to think they know best about what to do, while ignoring what LGBT Russians are saying.
(Note also how often neo-colonialist Orientalist rhetoric appears that Russians are "backward", "uncivilised" etc - ah, the thankless western gay white man's burden). 
Witness what happens whenever someone on a messageboard points out LGBT Russian groups have asked people NOT to boycott.
Simply stating this obvious and important fact can get you compared to a holocaust denier.
An oft repeated post is some variation on "This is exactly how Hitler started!" - as preposterous and offensive as saying any discriminatory legislation is the first step on the road to Auschwitz, and as silly as saying drinking Earl Grey tea will inevitably lead to heroin addiction.
[Edit: It's just as common to be accused of supporting Putin or being a homophobe, if you challenge or correct an untruth here].
The debate has become so debased - and so many commentators are so indoctrinated, so oblivious to facts - it often seems pointless to enter into any discussion.

Yesterday, John McCain, the Republican party presidential candidate, slammed the Russian bogeyman in a widely-circulated op-ed.
He - but of course - highlighted how; "They write laws to codify bigotry against people whose sexual orientation they condemn."
This is somewhat odd, to say the least, as a senator McCain has always opposed any gay equality initiatives.
Ever get the feeling you're being used?
Perhaps it was a joke, and he was being ironic?
For he also wrote; "[Putin] is not enhancing Russia's global reputation. He is destroying it. He has made her a friend to tyrants and an enemy to the oppressed, and untrusted by nations that seek to build a safer, more peaceful and prosperous world."
Could any rational, intelligent, informed person hear an American politician saying any of that without risking dieing laughing?

Manufacturing Discontent

Sophisticated political satire.
It is heartening and moving that so many people in the west are angry about the oppression of gay people in Russia, and are expressing solidarity.
Though it often seems like an outbreak of whipped-up mass hysteria, akin to 1984's Hate Week, usually expressed in "passive activism"; actions that are pointless (clicktivism), and/or counterproductive (boycotts).
Or like a little outburst of over-emotional collective insanity much as that we witnessed when Princess Diana died.
All too often this does not look like some queer political re-awakening, but further proof of the depoliticisation of our culture.
But people can not be blamed for reaching for their pink pitchforks and torches when they've been subject to the sort of avalanche of media misinformation we normally only witness in wartime.
It is foolish and politically blind not to question why this has now become such an issue - warranting endless, blanket coverage, to the virtual exclusion of other countries' often far worse gay rights abuses - at a time when tensions between the US and Russia are at their most heightened since the Cold War.  
And it is obvious that the increasingly hysterical, hyperbolic and hypocritical "debate" has been hijacked, and is being used - meaning our struggle for gay rights is being used - as rightwing propaganda, by demonising a declared enemy in service to American hegemony.


  1. Aravosis'Americablog is a copy, paste and plagiarize blog where he rips off other investigative reports, posts them on his "blog" and sells ads.

    Dan Savage tells children who are gay bashed in school that it will "get better" but does nothing to help them make it better, which is why so many gay children in the USA kill themselves.

    Savage also invited gay bashing international terrorist Brian Brown to his home for brunch to "DEBATE" marriage equality. Brown, who is the Fuhrer for National Organization for Marriage INEQUALITY, then used that brunch to beg for more gay bashing blood money.

    I see you are a Jew bashing thug calling that whore Michael Lucas a Zionist (I guess you think that all Jews should be killed and I think anyone who thinks Israeli Jews should be shoved into the sea should be killed) but Lucas is NOT for the state of Israel. In fact that whore is ashamed of being a Russian Jew which is why he changed his name from
    Andre Treivas Bregman

    Andre Bregman (AKA Michael LukASS) has done nothing for LGBT equality in Russia or in the USA. He fucks men for money.

    Not one person who is for moving the Olympics from Sochi to who the fuck knows where gives a fuck that the IOC just elected a son of a Nazi who agrees with Fagburn about the Jews.
    You must be so happy that the Olympics is now run by a Jew bashing Nazi who hates Jews as much as you do.

    So while the gay activists in the USA are clueless (which is why we still have no rights in the USA) Fagburn is Jew bashing self loathing Nazi who needs to shove his Jew bashing shit down his own throat & choke on it

    1. To be honest, I think I liked the first half of your comment more.

      Could you explain how pointing out that Lucas is a Zionist means I am "a Jew bashing thug/self loathing Nazi [who] should be killed?"


      PS Please don't libel me again, particularly with such a loathsome slur - thanks.

  2. The provenance of that video is difficult to pin down. If it is a movement, then you'd expect there to be some kind of internet presence or even just mentions of it here and there; but googling "Healthy Young People (ed. or Offspring) - Healthy Russia" last night only brought up four results (Queerty, Gay Star News, and two other sites all basically using the same copy).
    Googling the original Russian "здоровое потомство - Здоровая Россия" isn't much better, you get three pages or so and pretty much all are just discussing the video. There's nothing before the video and nothing by the group or so-called movement that claims to be behind it.

    This is the original video, btw, without translation - and it's also the earliest instance I can find on the internet of the "Healthy Youth - Healthy Russia blah blah" movement:

    О чём молчат...ГОЛУБАЯ ВОЙНА ЕВРОПЫ

    Uploaded 3rd March. I can't translate that title but I think it's something about a "Homo wave/war of Europe". Not sure what the first part means.
    If it does say that, interesting to note how this is definitely seen as a Western problem imported into Russia.

    The fact there's such a meagre presence on the internet suggests this is one person rather than a movement or whatever.

    1. Even if it is Russian, there are homophobic loonbags in every country in the world spouting similar crap.

      The prominence the gay media have given it - and the idiotic comments - only show how much selective and partisan hysteria is at play here.

    2. Agreed. But one thing that strikes me is that, similar shit like this in the US, say (and it's probably far more prominent there, esp given the debunked crap included in that supposedly Russian video is based on US Christian homophobic propaganda), would be spread around all over the place on the internet and propagated everywhere there amongst like-minded people and groups.
      Yet, here, this six month old video has almost zero presence or reaction on the web.

      But, as you say, it's being put forward by right-wing US journos/commentators as representative of something far more widespread, rather than - what it seems to me - the work of one nutter.

      But who can say, really. As there's so little information about its provenance.