Monday, 9 September 2013

Stupid Thought For The Day: Julie Bindel

According to popular belief anti-gay bigotry is all but dead in the UK. With the passing of equal marriage legislation the assumption is that lesbians and gay men can now rest easy...

The opening lines to Julie Bindel's latest error-strewn installment on gay life in Britain today running in The Guardian online. 
So homophobia didn't disappear the day they legalised gay marriage?
Take that, strawman!
Does she really think anyone thinks this?
And - again - the gall and hypocrisy of this notorious homophobe and transphobe writing against bigotry and bullying is sickening.
Was the sub having a sarcastic dig by titling it 'Fear and loathing'?
Shame on The Guardian for falling for this fraud.

PS I understand various complaints posted by trans people have been removed...

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