Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Alan Turing: Cryptanalyst With Attitude

One of six Attitude Awards edition covers.
Shame they couldn't find a shirtless pic.
And as David Jørgensen has pointed out, it seems odd Alan Turing is an "icon", while Cher is a "legend".
There's a habit to fetishise and mythologise Turing as the great gay martyr (he may not have committed suicide, and if he did there's no clear link between it and his arrest and treatment, and he was just one of over 16,000 British men convicted for now legal homosexual acts), who broke the Enigma Code (he didn't), single-handedly won the Second World War, and invented the computer (he didn't), but I must confess I like this cover and - oh dear - actually find it rather moving in its understatement. 
I'm sure Alan would have found it all a bit embarrassing though.

PS "First look at Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing in The Imitation Game'!

Update: Hilariously, The Sun covered the Attitude Awards by running photos of some of the famous sexy ladies who turned up.


  1. 'it seems odd Alan Turing is an "icon", while Cher is a "legend".'

    Could the difference be that an icon is someone you can try to emulate in some way? It's not clear what Cher offers on that front...

  2. All of your citations are links to, erm, yourself.
    All of that is balls, though. His contribution to the war effort and to computing was incredible and his treatment may not have contributed to his suicide but it would be pretty fucking extraordinary if it hadn't.

    1. That wasn't an act of vanity - all those pages have links to numerous other articles that were too many to list in any other way.
      Good day!