Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Andrew Pierce Watch: Attitude-Free

Publicly, David Cameron regards his decision to support gay marriage as one of the defining characteristics of his premiership.
Privately, however, he has confided to some of his closest advisers that the way it was implemented was one of the biggest political mistakes he has ever made because of the uproar it unleashed within his own party.
Cameron last week was invited to a glittering party at the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand to accept the Politician of the Year Award from gay magazine Attitude.
It was in honour of his ‘brave’ decision to push ahead with the same-sex marriage policy. But the Prime Minister politely declined the invitation because of pressure on his diary.
So did he send another senior Tory to accept the award on his behalf — party chairman Grant Shapps or Culture Secretary Maria Miller, who covers the equalities brief in the Cabinet?
No. Downing Street sent no one — which suggests he is only too aware his gay marriage policy has served as a recruiting agent for Ukip.
Instead, it was Ed Miliband who went up to receive an award. But poor old Ed. He wasn’t being crowned Politician of the Year — because Attitude rearranged the ceremony so that he collected the award on behalf of everyone who had voted for gay marriage...

Please bear in mind Andrew "As a gay man, can I just say I hate anything gay..." Pierce's stories often turn out to be nonsense.

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