Thursday, 24 October 2013

Arts News: "Live Gay Sex Show" To Be "Nothing Like That" Actually!

A STUDENT is planning to lose his virginity in a live sex show - for a university art project.

But campaigners have described 19-year-old Clayton Pettet's idea as "cheap" and urged him not to go through with it.

He plans on having gay sex for the first time in a gallery full of spectators for a show entitled “Art School Stole My Virginity”.

He reckons his bizarre ’performance art project’ will earn him rave reviews for challenging the idea of sexuality.

But religious campaigners have slammed the idea saying "sexuality is gift from God".

The project is set to take place in front of an audience of between 50 and 100 in a space in Hackney, London.

Clayton and his friend will engage in safe sex before asking the audience what they thought of the performance...

The Sun.

Fagburn particulary enjoyed the use of the phrase "his friend".
And if you really think Clayton's a virgin....

"The Huffington Post just wrote about my piece, and as much as I am pleased people are talking and debating the idea behind Art School. Some speak without understanding.
"Firstly I have never communicated with The Huffington and I do not expect rave reviews (I never said that) I never said anything to them.
Virginity to me is conceptual and losing it as a performance piece is the way I have chosen to do that. But for a reason I haven’t said the layout of the piece, the location of the piece. Or what is actually going to happen. So for people comparing it to a live sex show, I can assure it will be nothing like that.
"Please for more real information go to

Update: And finally... the Daily Mail find out about this - see if you can tell any difference between their story and the Sun's and Huff Post's.
Update 2: Ever so slightly mendacious follow-up article on HuffPost Gay Voices. 
Journalism yay!

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