Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Coronation Street: Bizarre Love Triangle

The Sun explain Corrie's EXPLOSIVE love triangle with the help of a handy easy-to-understand diagram.

GAY Todd Grimshaw is set to cause mayhem when he returns to the Coronation Street cobbles.
Eileen’s son will steal bisexual Marcus Dent from girlfriend Maria Connor — breaking knicker-stitcher Sean Tully’s heart along the way.
Todd, played by Bruno Langley, was the Street’s first openly gay character when he was introduced in 2001.
His dramatic exit in 2005 saw him attack ex-girlfriend Sarah-Louise (Tina O’Brien) when he found her in bed with his brother Jason (Ryan Thomas), following his own secret sex romps with a gay nurse.
But he returned for two brief stints in 2007 and 2011.
Now he’s back again in an explosive new storyline beginning on November 4. He is hiding a big secret and showing no signs of having learned lessons from his colourful past...

Confused? You won't be after this week's episode etc etc...

As ever Fagburn wonders, what would Brian Sewell say?

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  1. I might start watching this again now Todd's back. It'll probably shit, as Corrie tends to err towards manure these days, but for nostalgia's sake if nothing else.
    I watched it back when his storyline, sparked by him trying to MOLEST a sleeping Tory failed popstar on a couch. It was really well done, I thought (the whole storyline, I mean) and Bruno Langley as Todd was beautiful, sensitive, confused, "troubled", guilty, etc.

    I read a piece in one of the shittier papers the other day about the first on-set photos of Todd and Sean and the comments underneath were all uniformly homophobic, of the "The show's writers/producers are full of gay people pushing the agenda that it's all perfectly normal" variety.
    My favourite was along the lines of "I live in a street somewhat bigger than Coronation Street and I can tell you there are no gay people in my street! If this drivel is to be believed they are the majority..." etc etc (paraphrasing there)

    I hope he's storylines are interesting and he portrays the same sensitivity from before.
    UND! John-Paul is back in Hollyoaks right now as a teacher and is in a love affair with a bisexual man who has a wife that knows nothing about it, nor does JP know anything about her. That's drama!
    Next up for him - reported in this very blog a while back - is a male rape story where JP is forced into the sex act with one of his students, after having endured constant homophobic abuse, apparently.
    This is only a few weeks after Hollyoaks' resident gay couple Doug and Ste were involved in an explosion killing young Doug. :'(