Friday, 18 October 2013

Gay Star News: Time To Say Goodbye?

Only GSN could steal this story from one that someone else - DiscoDamaged - broke 10 days ago and say "Gay Star News can exclusively reveal..."
Fagburn is opposed to anti-drugs hysteria and thinks people should be free to do whatever they want to do with their own bodies and minds, but who else but GSN could spin this so that they bemoan how "an effort to save lives" "may end up destroying businesses".
Astounding amorality in service to capital as per ahoy!
Pink profit over people, indeed.
Here's the original story, which they have mockingly titled in a parody of tabloidese; Loony Lambeth Labour Out To Shut Down Vauxhall Gay Scene...

Labour, huge developers, cash and homo cleansing

You only need to look at Lambeth's planning department for the clues as to why they want the gays out. This is homo cleansing by Labour for billion dollar corporations wanting delicatessens for their foreign millionaire tenants not us gays dancing the light fantastic. Nine skyscrapers. a new American Embassy, Chinese Embassy, Danish embassy - they're all to be built in Vauxhall and we're in the way. Worse, let's not forget many of Lambeth's councilors are religious and welcome the chance to rid themselves of us.

Why would they do that? Struggling Labour Lambeth get cash from developers whenever they build anything. Lambeth also recently announced plans to demolish the bus station and build a new high street. They need cash and developers. Network Rail who own the arches must also have their eye on better paying tenants if they can just get us to hand back the leases. Do the math...

[Vauxhall and I are strangers these days, and the machinations of local councils are often beyond bizarre, as is the reporting of them, and they are often public spats about undeclared feuds by rival political crooks, so Fagburn has no comment to make on this story itself. DD's story seems a bit overblown as it doesn't seem to affect currently existing venues licenses].

Fagburn asked Gay Star News earlier if they thought their endless undeclared advertorial for Barclays, Microsoft etc were in breach of the Enterprise Act.
Still waiting to hear back...

And finally... GSN apologises yesterday for wrongly saying a man was a convicted child rapist - OOPS!

Regular viewers may know fact-checking is not GSN's strong point.
In fact a lot of what they publish is just whatever press releases they got emailed, or some crap they Googled from the straight press and wrote up unchallenged.
'Shirtless X Factor reject, who is out and openly openly gay, slams Russian Nazi Pasta Gay Death Camps' etc.
What is point?
I could spend all day every day pointing out all the errors, lies and basic fuckwittery in each and every story they run, but life's too Snow White And The Seven Fucking Dwarfs [ie Short].
Fagburn is all for a free press, but if you're as seriously and systematically bad as Gay Star News is, maybe you should consider doing something other than running a gay news website?
Just a thought, Tristram Posh-Name.

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