Thursday, 17 October 2013

Julian Clary: And On That Bombshell...

The camp comic, 54, reveals on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, which airs tomorrow on ITV, that the girl had a miscarriage.

He said: “She is unique. The one woman I had that sort of relationship with.”

PS There's a bit more - about how after making that joke about fisting Norman Lamont at the 1993 British Comedy Awards he was "driven to the brink of suicide" - in the Mirror.

Update via Popbitch...

Julian Clary did Piers Morgan's Life Stories on Friday. There was a slightly odd moment when Morgan sympathised with Clary about the hounding he got after the Comedy Awards in 1993 - when Clary made a joke about fisting Norman Lamont.

The famously kindly Clary somehow managed to smile in response. Perhaps he found something amusing in the fact that the man who was responsible for the coverage was the then showbiz editor of the Sun... Piers Morgan!

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