Sunday, 20 October 2013

Morrissey: Thanks For Not Clearing That Up...

True To You.

PS She's even gayer than me and Tom Daley put together - and that's like totes gay.
And a very nice thought.


  1. That picture used on the August 1990 Gay Times is the same one on the cover of the US compilation My Early Burglary Years. Which is a reference to Withnail & I: "I mean to have you, boy. Even if it must be by burglary!"
    For someone who is only attracted to humans and not mens, it's funny how like 99.9% of all his lyrics, imagery and cultural references are gay... which I think was your point in 1990 (I'll have to re-read)...

  2. UND! I just remembered when Martin Rossiter finally met Morrissey in 2000 after they did those Troubadour shows for the Rising For Sunset live album and when he was asked about meeting Moz Martin said something like "We're both fruits, we just taste different," which I thought was a pretty good line and may have been nicked off someone else.
    Anyway! Why I mention it is that, oddly, even though I love Martin Rossiter, I always got the impression he was straight and just pretending to be bi, whereas Morrissey appears to be a big ol' gay pretending to be bi...