Sunday, 27 October 2013

Property: Pass The Bespoke Sickbag, Alice...

Obviously, it is a cliché to say that rich gay couples always have exquisite taste and are on the lookout for a property project in a new-fangled part of town they can do up to within an inch of its life. It’s borderline offensive and simply not true. Except, of course, when it is. Meet Eric Tokstad, architect to the stars, and his other half, Andy Janowski, CEO of Smythson, a charming pair of alpha gays. They have just put their four-bedroom home on Gayfere Street in London’s “Old Westminster”, on the market for £5.75m. It is the seventh house they’ve renovated in the 21 years they’ve been together. It has laundry chutes, bespoke silk carpets and even a pizza oven, all spread over five floors and within spitting distance of the Houses of Parliament...

Sunday Times.

If you enjoy reading about posh queens so rich they have lost all contact with reality, you'll love Tyler Brûlé writing - somewhat inexplicably - in yesterday's FT about his thoughts while eating breakfast on a Swiss train...

As I pay the well-groomed gentleman who’s manning the restaurant car, I can’t help thinking of the importance of first impressions, staff uniforms and appearances. This chap’s perfectly ironed shirt, trim waistcoat, sharp moustache and haircut, and warm manner all go a long way to making a ho-hum rail journey that little bit more enjoyable. His sunny personality suggests he clearly enjoys his job and his focus on personal presentation also suggests that he takes pride in his post.

How different from earlier in the week, when I paid a visit to a North American company in the business of flying millions of people around and was greeted at its reception by a young woman tucking into a bowl of Cheerios.

Anyone for revolution?

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