Monday, 14 October 2013

TalkingSport: Generic The Gays In The Sports Article Bingo

"It was noticeable how minor an issue Cruz's sexuality was. Apart from the occasional boo when he entered the ring..."

Sean Ingle, TalkingSport for The Guardian.

Orlando Cruz. Defiance! Inspiration! Special indeed! Welcome change. Twitter. Man's world. Patronising generalisation about working-class types. So why can't football? Fans? The Media? Justin Fashanu. Sad. Homophobic chants. Quote from bogus Observer story about footballers wanting to come out. Citation from online fans survey that's about as reliable as asking whoever you met at the bus stop. Quote academic. Fascinating research. 3,000 professional footballers in Britain. None! A little strange. Anton Hysen and Robbie Rogers. Typical. Fifa. Qatar. End with a vacuous platitude eg "They should be judged only on how they perform." Fin. Send invoice.

Two points deducted for not asking; "Is [something] the last taboo?" and not mentioning the Sochi Winter Olympics.

• Image from a photo gallery on Mirror Online; Spornography! The most accidentally inappropriate sports pictures ever. Some unfortunate coincidences have formed the basis for a hilarious new picture book, Sporno!


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