Monday, 18 November 2013

Alec Baldwin: A Few Words From A Real Live Cocksucking Fag

Ultimately, if you aren't virulently homophobic and simply made a mistake, I don't think you should be paraded out to the stocks and humiliated or punished. That doesn't change people; it just makes them angrier or more bitter or helps them miss the point entirely because they're so blinded by and busy deflecting the heat of the rage they're receiving. But you should be held accountable for what you say and do (especially if you seem to have an anger-management problem and your go-to slur of choice always seems to be a homophobic one).

I just want people to start thinking twice about what they're saying and why. Words do have meaning. Words are important. Words make things happen. And they have consequences. We can push for equality and pass all the laws we want in hopes of achieving it, but as long as terms like "cocksucking fag" are used against us or to shame anyone -- queer or not -- we will never truly be liberated, because the underlying attitudes and assumptions we're operating with will still be inherently homophobic.

So let's grow up, give it up and spend our energy sucking cock instead of talking about it. I promise it's a lot more fun, and it's much less likely that anyone will get hurt.

Noah Michelson, Huff Post Gay Voices.

Good piece - although this seems like another over-hyped pink pearl-clutching row that's got way out of hand - anyway I hope this will be the end of this matter...

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