Thursday, 28 November 2013

Bijan Ebrahimi: An Apology

Hi, sorry, didn't catch your name. Bijan? Oh, that's unusual, where are you from? Iran? And you're a refugee? Blimey. Sorry about that. Well, welcome to England, mate!

A man has been jailed for life after admitting he murdered his disabled neighbour who had been wrongly branded a paedophile.

Lee James, 24, killed Bijan Ebrahimi and set fire to his body in the Brislington area of Bristol in July.

Bristol Crown Court heard Mr Ebrahimi, who was an Iranian national and in his 40s, died from head injuries.

Stephen Norley, 25, who had admitted assisting an offender, was given a four-year jail term. He helped James drag Mr Ebrahimi's body from the scene of the attack and obtained white spirit to burn the body. 

His remains were found 100m from his maisonette in Capgrave Crescent.

Mr Ebrahimi was murdered on 14 July, three days after he was arrested by police following complaints that he had been taking pictures of children near his home.

Officers examined his camera, videos and computer but found nothing suspicious and he was released without charge.

The court heard that during the fatal attack James repeatedly stamped on Mr Ebrahimi's head, shouting "have some of that".

Mr Langdon said that after murdering Mr Ebrahimi and burning his body, James told his girlfriend: "We sorted him out. We took care of things."

James, also of Capgrave Crescent, told police he had kicked Mr Ebrahimi "like a football... I had so much anger in me".

The court heard Mr Ebrahimi, who moved to the UK in 2001, made several calls to police in the 48 hours before his murder, but "those calls were not responded to".

Avon and Somerset Chief Constable Nick Gargan issued an apology after the tragedy, saying: "Mr Ebrahimi was someone who deserved the protection of all of us and we are very sorry about what happened to him."

Sorry Bijan - but this is England and this is how we do things here.


  1. So Langdon is no different from the Russian self-styled 'anti-paedophile' vigilantes that get so much exposure in the media. And we in the UK are so quick to scold Russia for these vigilantes when the same things happen here.

  2. Oops, I meant 'Lee James' instead of 'Langdon'