Thursday, 21 November 2013

Cher: Not Especially For You

Cher shares the gayest video ever made for one of her songs

Cher knows her gay fan base exceptionally well.

On Wednesday (20 November), the ageless star tweeted out some fresh meat for those fans - make that fresh beefcake.

'Some friends made me a present for Take it Like a Man,' the icon wrote on Twitter along with a link to a YouTube video.

The video, titled Take it Like a Man 7th Heaven Remix, features an endless array of perfectly buff and handsome dudes wearing very little doing things like washing a car with each other's bodies and frolicking on a beach....

Gay Star News.

This is not a Cher video.
The clue's in the obvious fact that Cher's not in it.
It's some old footage for promos for Andrew Christian's revolting overpriced underwear.
But someone's now put a crappy remix of a new Cher track under it.
Gay Star Newsflash!!!
Are we meant to be grateful?
Wow! Cher must really love us gayz!
Almost as much as the pants manufacturer loves us.
Do you not think these people are laughing all the way to the big pink bank while fools like GSN regurgitate this crap and think their readers will fall for it?
Why worry if the gay media are just whoring themselves, when fools like this just give it away for free?

PS Don't forget, Cher loves The Gayz so much she refused to perform at the Sochi Olympics opening ceremony!
Which is good of her - except that the Olympic organising committee said she was never asked to play in the first place.
No matter, Cher will always refuse to take the money and sing for oppressive regimes.
You "go", "girl"! etc.

PS At last... a shameless shitty PR campaign for expensive pants brings freedom to North Korea.
No, sadly this is not a satire!

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