Tuesday, 19 November 2013

FCKH8: American Idiots

FCKH8, the pro-equality T-shirt purveyor, is flouting Russia’s controversial anti-gay propaganda law by doing exactly what it forbids: presenting a “distorted image of equality of traditional and non-traditional sexual relationships.” And that image can be colored in with an array of crayons.

The law is meant to protect children from harmful “gay propaganda” so in the spirit of fucking hate, FCKH8 is mailing 10,000 copies of its children’s coloring book, Misha & His Moms Go to the Olympics, to Russian kids –just in time for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, or, the holidays!

You can download your own coloring book here.


This is probably just a publicity stunt* - wouldn't be the first time we've seen a gay business making a buck out of pretending to care about Russian queers - but even if they won't actually do it, this can only do great damage.

The exploitation of homophobia by the likes of Russian politicians like Putin is based mainly on propagating two myths.

First, Putin et al are ultra-nationalists who claim tolerance of homosexuality is something the West is trying to impose on Russia. Thus any outside pressure risks allowing them to present themselves as proud macho defenders of the motherland.

They also argue that their anti-gay laws are there primarily to protect children from gay propaganda. Cause those queers are after your kids, right?

The above "campaign" conforms to both of these and so could only provide ammunition for them - it's just record-breakingly stupid and would be completely counter-productive.

But it seems a perfect example of the arrogance, selfishness and wrong-headedness of much that is done by Westerners supposedly in the name of LGBT Russians.

"But we must do something!"

But whatever you do, don't consider the consequences.


* As several Queerty posters said, I can’t see how they could get the addresses of 10,000 children in Russia anyhow…

Oh, and those nice people at FCHK8 also rip off other queers' work - but hey, they're doing it all for the gays, guys! Scum. Thanks to Mark @yokelbear x

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