Thursday, 21 November 2013

Jack Dromey: Oops!

Guido Fawkes
A front bench Labour MP is under pressure to explain how he has "favourited" gay porn websites on his Twitter account.

Jack Dromey, the husband of Harriet Harman, the Labour Party deputy leader, has blamed the messages on a "technological mix-up".

In September, the shadow policing minister favourited a message about black porn stars having sex.

When he was challenged Mr Dromey, 65, claimed he had accidentally clicked on the message, which included the name “Paris”, while researching a romantic holiday with his wife, it was reported on political gossip website Guido Fawkes.

However, he was left facing further questions when he favourited a second explicit message last week, which showed a picture of two men engaged in a sex act...

Daily Telegraph.

Have to say Mr Paul Staines - Guido Fawkes - can come across as rather prudish for a self-styled "libertarian".
This story was also picked up with great relish by the Daily Mail.
Like the Telegraph, the Mail's coverage of hardcore gay porn is otherwise usually quite patchy, I've found.

PS The Telegraph reported in September; Nearly 300,000 "attempts to access websites categorised as pornography" were made from computers within Parliament in the last year, official records show.

Bear this statistic in mind next time you hear an MP tut-tutting about Paul Flowers being caught with porn on his council laptop.

And as with Flowers, the reaction of any grown-up here surely should be; and so what if he did?

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