Friday, 22 November 2013

James Arthur: Eh?

James Arthur and Lucy Spraggan 'queer' row: Disgusted fans demand album refund after bitter text exchange

Fans of James Arthur have requested an album refund after Lucy Spraggan published a bitter text exchange between the pair.

Impossible singer James became embroiled in yet another war of words with fellow former X Factor contestant Lucy after James used the word "queer" in a rap.

Last week, it emerged Impossible singer James used the derogatory term when performing a diss rap about unknown rapper Micky Worthless, branding him a "f**king queer".

James also used the words "scrubber", "peasant" and "motherf**ker" to insult the up and coming musician.

And the former X Factor champ was slammed by shocked fans on Twitter for his use of the derogatory terms with the singer even quitting the social networking site insisting only his management would be tweeting on his behalf in the future.   


If you can really get a refund just because you bought a record by someone who you later found had opinions you don't agree with, then my friend - the world is fucked on a toadstool to absolute and utter buggeration while riding 'pon a flatulent unicorn sandwich to Neptune.*
Another victory for the boringay© thought police!

*Please, someone, tell me this didn't actually happen.

PS James Arthur diagnosed with acute exhaustion following Twitter spat with Lucy Spraggan - Independent.

PPS Record bosses fear for James Arthur's mental health after 'gay' row. JAMES Arthur is feared to be on the brink of a breakdown after being warned his homophobic slur could have cost him his career. James Ingham, Daily Star.
Poor thing. Squish squish *sad face*.
Seems a bit over-stated to claim "his homophobic slur could have cost him his career".
He's an ex-X Factor contestant, so he's running on borrowed time anyway.
(Note also the "source" is ye olde standby an anonymous source).

Fagburn still doesn't understand why this has become such a big "thing".
Have I missed something?

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