Thursday, 28 November 2013

James Arthur: This Is Not Acceptable!


Yes, this really is "a thing".
Someone has started a Facebook page calling for James Arthur to be banned from TV because he said a bad word!
Even though he's apologised and is clearly not homophobic.
[Edit: Now even Lucy Spraggan has said he's not a homophobe].
Gay bedwetters of the world never forgive, never forget!
The page has 9,000 likes - and counting...

Wow, what incredible support for our cause. Many people have been saying we are a hate page, and an anti- James Arthur page. However this couldn't be further from the truth. We set up this page because we do not feel that people with a history of using homophobic language should be rewarded by giving them a spot on primetime TV. James used very offensive and derogatory language on more than one occasion, and when confronted by former friend Lucy Spraggan, showed no sign of remorse, but instead mocking her support of the LGBT community. Do you really think James would have apologised had the public not pulled him up on what he said?

This takes gay hysteria, clicktivism and thought policing to a whole new level of crassness - what an avalanche of absolute fucking idiocy.
What a wonderful life you must live if stupid crap like this makes you angry.
God, there's some boring un/queer people in the world.

Forever condemning an ill-educated [!] straight person for their disgusting language does not increase acceptance; it creates an infinite divide, at least between that individual and the queer community they may've once respected in their own way...

The punishment directed at James is hysterical (up to and including death threats). He has apologised for his behaviour but it's being drowned out: if a louder, more heartfelt attempt is made I hope the intended recipients truly listen to what he has to say: that would be an example worth setting to kids at school who associate the word 'gay' with 'bad'. There's of course still a need for militancy when it comes to LGBTQ issues - but we need to pick our battles carefully.

Jamie Tabberer, Independent Voices.

Friday's Sun: Warning, story may be rather exaggerated.
The "source" here is our old friend "anonymous" ie Mr Made-Up.
PS A posh intern writes...

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