Monday, 18 November 2013

Looking: Unexclusive!

Fagburn is proud to bring you this trailer for HBO's TV series, Looking, long after everyone else has.

Here's 10 TOPFax about it...

1. Even though you can only see 30 seconds-worth, some blogger-types have said it looks like being the greatest gay TV programme ever made!

2. It's a "dramedy" (Oh, do fuck off!) about three friends in San Francisco. They are gayers, incidentally.

3. It is made by HBO, who have done some other shows that - admittedly - are rather good. Well, Curb is anyway.

4. It's directed by Andrew Haigh (most of it). Though I thought Weekend was just a teensy bit overrated by the pink knicker-wetting crowd. Here's an interview with Haigh and executive producer/writer, Michael Lannan.

5. That lovely Russell Tovey's in it - his first proper gay role. Everyone loves Russell. He's like a big gay puppy.

6. Michael Groff stars, though he doesn't really mean that much over here, does he? He's been in Glee, but he's basically a Broadway babe.

7. Groff says there's going to be some "sexy" sex in it. "Sexy" gay sex! Woop.

8. The San Francisco-setting and all that facial hair made me wonder if it was set in the 70s at first - I had to whizz back and check I'd really seen that Apple laptop.

9. Apart from that, I have absolutely no idea what it will be like.

10. It airs in January in America. Dunno about the UK. Can't wait!

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