Sunday, 17 November 2013

NIkki Sinclaire: Trans Europe

AMBITIOUS politician Nikki Sinclaire today reveals her secret — she is Britain’s first transsexual parliamentarian.

The striking-looking MEP lived as a man until the age of 23 before having a life-changing op on the NHS.

In an exclusive interview she tells The Sun on Sunday how she wants to enter the UK Parliament and emulate her idol Maggie Thatcher.

Speaking about her Commons aspirations for the first time, she said: “Margaret Thatcher is my hero and there is no reason why I shouldn’t follow her path to Westminster one day.”

The Sun On Sunday.

Very surprised Nikki Sinclaire has managed to keep this out of the papers, particularly as they love outing people who are trans even when they are not public figures..
Sinclaire has a book out, so it doesn't look a tabloid "Nikki we know something, probably best to tell us your side" sting.
She's a UKIP MEP, now sitting an an Independent after falling out with Nigel Farage, she claims over his fraternisation with far right groups in the European parliament.
She came out as a lesbian in 2004.
Good luck to her, though it's impossible to think kindly of a politician who says; "Margaret Thatcher is my hero."

TOMORROW: Agony that turned me into a lesbian...

Update: Nikki Sinclaire told BBC Radio 5 Live on 22nd November;

One of the reasons I've had to reveal this was threats from journalists and UKIP.
They threatened to expose this and this is why I felt the need. Because people asked: “Why are you saying this now?
Basically, I wanted to put my side of it before someone else put a distorted side out.

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