Thursday, 21 November 2013

Paul Flowers: Cover-Up

Paul Flowers is splashed across the front pages of the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail today.
Note how Sunday's exposé of a former banker buying drugs, which led to a rash of gay sex revelations, has now become all about Paul Flowers links to Labour.
There is, of course, a connection.
Well, there has to be.
"Flowers' lack of financial expertise was matched by his total lack of morality. A rampantly promiscuous gay hedonist, who was apparently as obsessed with rent boys as he was with drugs... Flowers' descent into the moral abyss is no private matter." Daily Express, Reverend Flowers and the stench of Labour hypocrisy - a predictably ludicrous, sanctimonious pearl-clutching piece.
"It is no wonder that the Co-op Bank slid into such a mess under his warped chairmanship, which Labour did so much to facilitate."
The Telegraph quote David Cameron; “Why was Reverend Flowers suitable to be chairman of a bank? Why weren’t alarm bells rung earlier? Particularly by those who knew and I think it will be important in the coming days that if anyone does have information, they stand up and provide it to the authorities.”
I'm sure they will.

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