Friday, 22 November 2013

Paul Flowers: Everybody Happy Now?

The witch hunt hath now endeth. The witch trial goeth on...

The Sun also reveal, Flowers' lust for Labour MP Chuka
ie Paul flowers sat next to Chuka Umunna at a dinner, and sent a message mentioning this to a - and I quote - "rent boy companion" (!)
Fagburn gets the feeling there is no dirt left to dig now.
If only Paul Flowers had bought some Crystal Menth instead...

PS This news may come as a shock to the Daily Mirror who yesterday claimed Flowers may have fled to Thailand. Although today they said he was quite deffo in rehab...

PPS Six days into the biggest news story of the week - straight or gay, but with a slight gay angle - and the ever hopeless Gay Star News have still not even mentioned it!
Could someone please send them a press release forthwith?

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