Thursday, 21 November 2013

Paul Flowers: For Whom The Bell Tolls

Steve Bell in The Guardian. 

Thank you, Steve! x

Never mind that the coalition encouraged Co-op bankers to expand while regulators slept, perhaps on the same sofa as Dave and Steve Brine. Were there not photos proving that the cokehead cleric and rent boy fiddler gave Labour money the Co-op couldn't afford? That he met Miliband at parties (though not – you can't have everything – with rent boys)...

Cameron was as keen to talk about Boles as Miliband had been to discuss Crystal Methodism and whether or not John Wesley ever did stuff. He did not quite accuse the Labour leader of devouring lines of coke (and rent boys) with the entire Co-op board. Flowers had "trooped in and out of Downing Street", unfit and uninvestigated. Gross exaggeration, especially from a leader whose own unvetted No 10 intimates and Chipping Norton pals are currently sub judice. That's what Miliband must have meant when he called Dave's dodgy dozen "just the people I can talk about"

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