Saturday, 23 November 2013

Paul Flowers: From The Daily Mail Message Boards

A male escort allegedly paid for sex by shamed Co-operative Bank chief Paul Flowers is a convicted armed robber who attacked a Co-op store, the Daily Mail can reveal.

Ciaron Dodd, 21, a part-time model and £650-a-night escort, described this week how the Methodist minister showered him with gifts and took him for nights out to the theatre.

However the rent boy did not reveal how as a teenager he was part of a gang which terrorised a string of convenience stores – including, in an extraordinary irony, a Co-op.

Mail Online.

Let's see what the Mail readers think...

Typical lad. 

I love the sexy open-mouthed pose. The world has gone entirely bonkers.

Really like this guy for some reason

The media and the bank is just using Paul flowers as a scape goat ! Probably going to make an example of him , when Infact he still did his job his personal life drugs or no drugs is his own business!

£650 think of the tax and NI he will/may pay on that or not.

he's quite cute in a rough scally kinda way but £650 a night! here in Nottingham you can pretty much pick up the rough scallys for a jager bomb, 10 fags, and a kebab on the way back home.

People turn to prostitution because it's hard to be rehabilitated after crime. It's Labour policy to help young offenders. This was what was obviously in the mind of the good socialist reverend when he forgave this criminal and offered a laying on of hands, Co-op funds and even his own bed for the night to this young man who can't even afford a shirt for his back.

Look how old school his tv is. Ha ha

golly you can get far better for one hundred pounds!l

Thank you, Daily Mail, for giving us the full facts about this man. The BBC news has played it all down and has not even MENTIONED this "male escort".

£650 per night yeah right more like £6.50 - lets hope the HMRC are investigating you for your tax which Im sure you have paid and have nothing to write about. What low life you are Dodd please go away, your worse than Flowers in my view

So, the Rev Flowers was into a 'bit of rough' with a decent physique. Frankly, that's totally irrelevant. The lad's over 16 so their sexual fumblings are quite legal. The drugs aren't, of course. Paying for sex is man's lot in life. Up front with no entanglements, or being trapped in penury by a woman. Either way he pays.

Part time model? On what? Crimewatch?

This is shocking ....... £650 pounds a night is a rip off!


  1. He looks like a real charmer....

    1. I'm saving up my money. May have to crowdsource...

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