Monday, 25 November 2013

Paul Flowers: It's Political Correctness Gone Mad!

The Daily Mail's gay Uncle Tom, Andrew Pierce, predictably sticks his oar in. 

Also in the Mail today, their new star columnist Dominic Lawson writes; Just tick the right diversity boxes and, hey presto, you can run a major bank.
The liberal conspiracy gets worse...
"But as a member of the ‘LGBT community’, Flowers can somehow be seen as part of an oppressed minority, whom it would be politically incorrect to denounce as a sexual predator..." etc etc.
Yeah, right, that's happened.
Fagburn can't recall seeing a single sentence defending Paul Flowers against  the media lynch mob.
Lawson replaces Melanie Phillips - who left the Mail under something of a cloud recently.
Oddly Phillips has written a rather similar article about Flowers for this week's Spectator; The Revd Paul Flowers ticked all the right 'progressive' boxes — that's why he could get away with anything.
Maybe it would have been easier for the Mail to keep Mad Mel on?

PS Another professional Tory shitbag, Toby Young (no relation), pipes up in the Daily Telegraph;

As for his crimes and misdemeanours, this is where the "smear" really does exceed a Tory spin doctor's wildest dreams. Fined for committing an act of gross indecency in a public toilet in 1981! Forced to resign as a Labour Councillor in 2011 when pornography was discovered on his computer! Caught red-handed by a national newspaper trying to buy crystal meth, crack cocaine and ketamine! Renowned for his use of prostitutes! Engaging in behaviour that even his former rent-boy described as "debauched"! The list goes on and on.
It certainly has the whiff of a smear – the most imaginative, brilliantly designed smear ever cooked up. Miliband's right about that. Trouble is, it's true...

Good to see Toby "Sniff Sniff" Young banging on about Paul Flowers' drug use here...

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