Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Paul Flowers: You'll Never Rent In This Town Again!

Ciaron Dodd Kiss and Tell Escort

The current Daily Mail and Sun story regarding the kiss and tell escort Ciaron Dodd saddens me and I’ve removed this escort from my listings.

Although other factors caused Reverend Flowers’ newspaper exposure and subsequent journalistic investigation into his use of escorts, it doesn’t excuse the behaviour of an escort who was paid for discretion to go back on that promise in order to obtain a newspaper fee.

In my opinion, discretion is an important part of an escort’s service. After all, many of our customers are married or from family or religious backgrounds that do not allow them to explore their sexuality outside of a commercial arrangement. Discretion is part of why customers pay us and, having accepted that payment, we should honour that promise.

In the 11 year history of Manchester Lads, nothing like this has ever happened before. The majority of the escorts I list are decent people who provide complete discretion for their customers.

I hope that other customers are not unduly worried by this isolated incident, I doubt we’ll see anything like it again.

Statement from Manchester Lads escort agency.

Good for you!

Don't worry, still plenty of other Manchester lads to choose from...

PS Here's Ciaron's Sun story. If you see any more "kiss and tell" stories about Paul Flowers by "escorts" bear in mind that the tabloids will probably be working on the assumption that his reputation is now so damaged that they can pretty much get away with printing any old rubbish about him. 

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