Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Ray Gosling: 1939-2013

Broadcaster, writer, recorder of ordinary life, early gay campaigner, community activist, anarchist, decent chap.

• Gay Monitor - the website Ray set up with Allan Horsfall. There's quite a few clips of Ray Gosling on YouTube. Here's towards a proper archive.

PS A fine and fitting obituary in the The Independent by Simon Farquhar.

A vindication of the days when regional programming in Britain crammed the schedules, Ray Gosling, the writer, reporter, documentary maker and activist, belonged to a time before everything came with a knowing wink. He was shamelessly crusading both on and off-screen, exposing class divide and prejudice, fighting for everything from gay rights to pedestrian crossings, but equally candid at sharing his delight when celebrating the frivolous comfort blankets of British life, from provincial tea shops to garden gnomes. He cared nothing for celebrities, instead spending his screen time listening to the aggrieved, the unheard and the eccentric...

A man Stephen Hearst described as "a Henry Mayhew for the Twentieth Century. What he says will be worth hearing in a hundred years' time."
Not only what he said, but what he allowed others a voice to say, too.

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