Thursday, 21 November 2013

Russia: New Video About The Anti-Gay Worse-Than-Apartheid Nazi Regime!!!

Queer Nation have made a video, The Road To Sochi!
That's right "Queer Nation"; a group of Americans who only ever protest about bad stuff happening in another nation, RUSSIA!
Cause everything's just fine and dandy for queers in the land of the free, yeah?
Who cares about shit going down in your own backyard that you could actually change?
Well, this is a far better use of your time and energy!
USA! USA! USA! etc etc. 
Not sure quite what the point is with this video.
But apparently us TEH GAYZ should ask multinational corporations to act like moral agents.
Like NBC, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, GE, Dow and ATOS!
Then they'll ask President Putin to play nice.
Cause that's how politics works.
Only American big business can save us gays from the evil Russian hordes!
Let's have another boycott!
Who says the gay movement has been hijacked by right-wing ideology?

Queer Nation Manifesto: Worship corporations as the new masters of the universe and remember you are no more than a gay consumer, so your only "power" is to say you'll buy your stuff off someone else - and only get angry about shit that's happening to queers in other countries, but only those ones that disobey American empire. Then everything will be okay forever and you will be a good Queer Nationalist.

Queer Nation serve imperialism!
The moronification of LGBT campaigning is now complete.
You can all go back to your loved ones, gayhusbands and families now...

Keep up-to-date with all the latest hysterical and in-no-way made-up stories enchanting and obsessing the US gay right with AmericaBlog's dedicated site, Russian Gays
Because being a gay journalist means never having to check a story about Russia...

PS The politically braindead Gay Star News reports excitedly, Corporate World Getting Ready To Boycott Gay Hate Countries.
You really could not make this shit up!

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