Friday, 15 November 2013

Suicide: Does It Get Better?

A mother has called for a ban on suicide websites after an inquest heard that her son researched how to take his own life on the web after suffering homophobic bullying.

Ayden Keenan-Olson, 14, was found dead in his bed by his father, Tim Olson, at the family home in Colchester, Essex, on 14 March. He had taken an overdose of prescription drugs and left two suicide notes outlining the homophobic and racist bullying he had experienced at the Philip Morant School, an inquest in Chelmsford heard.

After his death, Ayden’s mother, the author and prominent child abuse campaigner Shy Keenan, said he had been “bullied to death”.

A police investigation found that, in the month leading up to his death, Ayden had bypassed settings on his computer to research suicide methods on the internet.

Mrs Keenan told the inquest yesterday: “My job is to protect kids online but I could not keep my own son safe.”

Heart-breaking, of course.
May be worth questioning whether online campaigns like Dan Savage's It Gets Better actually help fetishise suicide for gay kids...

PS To clarify in response to comment below, the literature on how media coverage of suicide influences and affects risk of suicide is vast - try Googling it.
The phenomenon is called suicide contagion.
Why is this never mentioned in the gay media's gushing coverage of It Gets Better? 


  1. Congratulations for plumbing depths I didn't think even you were capable of. You really are a disgusting excuse for human being. I have taken a screenshot of this mess....the rest is all of your own making.

    1. Congratulations for not even bothering to think about the question!

  2. Here are some basic guidelines for media reporting about suicide by the Samaritans - let me know which It Gets Better videos adhere to them...