Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Bulls: From The Daily Express Message Boards

A CHRISTIAN couple who refused to let two gay men share a bed at their bed and breakfast guest house yesterday lost an appeal against paying them thousands of pounds damages.

What kind of freedom is it if you can't decide if you let someone stay in your house or not? Going around naked doesn't do anybody no harm, and yet you get fined for it. What kind of justices is this??

If someone demanded on my dear grandmother to watch something like that... Have you no decency at all???

Gay minorities win again, when are these tree hugging greenies going to give up and leave "normal" people alone with their own beliefs???

I thought we were a Christian Nation why are the traitors authorites always picking on Christians, I wonder what will happen when a Muslim does the same thing. I feel deeply sorry for the two Christians it is their proberty and not that useless judge. An Englishmans home is not his home any longer we live in a dictatorship and I am sure the two gays knew what they werer doing in the beginning.

I suppose we will have to wait until this country is a Muslim caliphate, not long now:)

I believe that when we vote in morally corrupt political parties namely the CON/LAB/LIBDEM sham who continue to undermine our country's Christian beliefs and values, this is the inevitable outcome.

It was a disgrace to watch the speed of Westminster in adopting dare I say "Gay Marriages." This says it all. I would never attempt to judge a Gay person but that doesn't excuse me from knowing that certain elements of their lifestyles to be an abomination. This country has lost its moral compass. That is why I urge you all to vote UKIP as the only way back for our nation.

What an absolute disgrace that we are now having marxist political doctrine enforced upon us. This isn't what our ancestors gave their lives for.

In the British Navy circa 1500 there was a punishment for homosexual acts. The punishment read 'for unlawful carnal knowledge'. The punishment was the 'cat of nine tails'. Probably good.I always think that the human race would not have got very far if everyone was homosexual.I also think that when two guys adopt a baby the impression that is given when he grows and sees two homosexuals in bed is not good.. Lastly. These are not 'gay' men. They are Homosexuals. It is not right to usurp the term meaning happy.

Communism at it's best!
You WILL accept perverts as part of everyday life and you WILL be punished if you even attempt to resist your Marxist rulers, both in the UK and in Brussels !
No, sorry, the vast majority of normal people will NOT accept it, and I would refuse to pay the fine.

Nothing to do with Christains who wants shirt lifters staying in their guest house.Its their place they should have the right who they accomodate

I'm convinced the only reason this pair booked into that particular bed and breakfast was because they'd already been told about the owners' policy on married couples and were just out to cause trouble
I hope they are pleased with the results of their actions.

Jesus is still Lord no matter what the government or society does, and His word stands for eternity, whether we would like to change it or not. I feel for the guys who may have no idea what will hit them on judgement day after death. Like all of us, they need to repent of their sins before it is too late.

If they don't want 'chutney ferrets' in their B and B they should have the right to say so. How I hate having to live in PC world.

Tell this gay couple who are probably habitual 'how can I be offended today pc morons' and the judge to go to hell. And if they are sent to prison then that is religious persecution!

two sodomists cashing in! Homosexuality will be compulsory if the Eton Elite get their way!

PPS Intolerance dolled up as 'equality', Spiked. Does make an interesting point about how "Equality laws have significantly expanded the state’s power."