Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Bulls: Just Let It Go Now, Please, It's Getting Embarrassing!

Guest house owners who refused a gay couple a double room owing to their Christian belief that sex outside marriage is a ‘sin’ have lost their supreme court battle.

Peter and Hazelmary Bull said they were ‘saddened’ by the five judges upholding a previous ruling to order them to pay Martyn Hall and his civil partner Steven Preddy £3,600 damages.

‘Britain ought to be a country of freedom and tolerance, but it seems religious beliefs must play second fiddle to the new orthodoxy of political correctness,’ Mrs Bull said of the verdict.

‘But the judges have sidestepped that big issue, and reinforced the notion that gay rights must trump everything else.’

Supreme court deputy president, Lady Hale, told the Bulls they were free to ‘manifest their religion’ but by barring the couple from Chymorvah House in Marazion, Cornwall, in 2009, they were also breaking the law.


"Sorry Joseph, you two ain't married and the baby's a bastard..."
Spare a moment for that persecuted, oppressed minority: homophobes. The latest benighted martyrs for the cause of bigotry are Hazelmary and Peter Bull, who today lost their Supreme Court battle for the right to turn away gay partners. It's not homophobia, they claimed, because their objection is to sex outside of marriage, not gay couples. It reminds me of the argument once made by US homophobes: that laws forbidding two men having sex were not discriminatory because straight people were banned from having gay sex, too.

If people choose to be homophobic, they should do it in their own homes and not inflict it on the rest of us. Which is the point, really, because it's not as though The Big Gay Menace body-pumped its way into a window the Bulls had left open, made their living room FAB-U-LOUS while twerking to Lady Gaga. No, the Bulls ran a business which made money by allowing members of the public to stay in their bed and breakfast. And in doing so, they are compelled to abide by rules like, say, paying tax, complying with health and safety requirements, and not turning away guests because they are black, disabled or gay...

Owen Jones in The Independent.
Swiftian satire may not be her strong point.

Followed by the inevitable "You wouldn't say that about Muslims!" comments.

However, even most Mail Online comments say that Mr and Mrs Bull were in the wrong.
Truly, the changes they are a timin'.

Hazelmary Bull sure likes that outfit - thanks to Christian.
BBC News online looks back at the recent greatest hits and misses of boring god-botherers in the UK courts.

Fagburn's ashamed to say he missed this classic...

Beekeepers Graham and Abigail Blackburn won the right to not file online VAT returns after they argued their faith prevented them from using computers at home.
The couple, who are are members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, reject the use of computers, the internet, televisions and mobile phones in their home.
They believed the contents of some TV programmes and websites were "contrary to the Bible's teachings".

You'd have thought their all-knowing God would have had the foresight to put something about computers in the Bible.

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