Thursday, 21 November 2013

Your Actual Art: No Femmes

I call this piece of art "no femmes", it's a comment on the performance of masculinity in queer sexual spaces.

From Queer DiscOx Radio.

Queer DiscOx is a radio show on Oxide Radio that unites LGBTQ* discussion with glorious queer disco. Join us each week as we invite a guest of the week onto the show and dissect the latest in the LGBTQ* conversation, all the while providing a soundtrack that outlines the origins of queer disco.

PS At last... Fagburn's finally broken the Paul Flowers' blogjam, and will post about other some stuff soonest.

UND Shouty shout out to Queer Punx -a weekly podcast with a heavy focus on queer issues and DIY punk music. >>>

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