Monday, 30 December 2013

Fagburn: Awards

In celebration of Fagburn's most read blogpost of 2013 - that wasn't just some pervs who'd Googled 'Tom Daley gay naked' - an anonymous admirer has sent me this actual statue of an award for Fagburn's first Worst awards.

PS I hesitated about posting this because my mum reads this, but I'm pretty sure she has seen a penis before. x


  1. Awesome statuette!
    This anonymous admirer must really admire the Fugbum!
    But it doesn't really do the immense Fagburn's first Worst Awards, justice...


  2. I really want a worstie. :)

  3. Someone has gone to great effort to create this. Who modelled it? Was it in someone's likeness? Perhaps it should be named the 'Most Irritable Bastard Award' and then give it to yourself. Happy New Year!